Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luck3 Poker - WARNING

It has become apparent in the last week that Luck3 Poker is probably shutting down.  Luck3 is hosted on the Cake Poker Network.  As of last night, all Luck3 tournaments have been canceled and removed from the tourney lobby.  Additionally, an affiliate manager with Luck3 has admitted that staff have not been paid in a few weeks.

Cake Poker Network has refused to respond to queries regarding Luck3.  Additionally, Luck3 has not responded to numerous emails.  Support is pretty much non-existent on the site at this time.

While we do not promote Luck3 Poker - we do want to issue this warning to all poker players who may have an account there.  Do not deposit any funds into this poker room, you are very likely to lose the deposit!  If you have funds on deposit with Luck3 - attempt to withdraw them now!  It may be too late, but certainly worth the effort.

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Chips said...

It should be noted that Luck3 also operates an online casino and as they have ion house processing, they are still accepting deposits. The poker room has been locked down from real money play by the Cake Network but the casino is continuing to allow play. Players should avoid Luck3 Casino like the plague!